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Incidents at the Stade de France: why the device was not up to the task?


The controversy continues to swell around the incidents that occurred on Saturday evening at the Stade de France, on the occasion of the Champions League. And for good reason, a note from the intelligence services, consulted by Europe 1, had warned of the risks of massive fraud. Why did nothing work as expected?

Emmanuel Macron leaves his Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, to go to the front and accuse British supporters of being largely responsible for the chaos. 30,000 to 40,000 of them would not have had tickets, or fake ones. On Wednesday, Gérald Darmanin will be heard by the Senate with the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. A note from the intelligence services had warned of the risks of massive fraud. Why was the device not up to scratch?

“Nothing worked out Saturday night”

It’s not a problem of intelligence since, as you have understood, almost everything had been planned and written. We must therefore look to the piloting side, which has not succeeded in coping with the many difficulties that arose at the same time: ticketing problems, the RATP strike, the influx of supporters without tickets or with counterfeit tickets, the number of stewards deemed insufficient. “It’s simple, nothing worked on Saturday evening”, confides to Europe 1 a framework of the police headquarters, as if no lesson had been learned from the yellow vests.

The controversy annoys internally

To this must be added the 300 to 500 local thugs who came to rob the English supporters near the stadium. The personnel involved did not know how, were unable to switch the system originally used to manage the flow of the crowd towards an operation to fight against delinquency. “Too rigid, not coordinated enough”, continues a police commissioner. It must be said that the controversy born of this fiasco annoys a lot internally.

Some see it as an opportunity to claim the head of the inevitably weakened prefect of police, Didier Lallement, who had been in charge since 8:30 a.m. last Saturday in his command room. Others target Gérald Darmanin’s cabinet, wishing to install there fine connoisseurs of police things. “It may be a good time to change teams, we are far enough from the Olympics”, blows a department head. At this time, in any case, no one is preparing the slightest card, neither on the Ile de la Cité at the police headquarters, nor Place Beauvau at the Ministry of the Interior.

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