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Inflation, Livret A: how to invest your savings intelligently in 2022? 📍


With skyrocketing inflation and the complexity of certain bank offers for investing, it is difficult in 2022 to invest your money well. But some platforms allow individuals to invest their savings simply and intelligently, like Mon Petit Placement.

With an inflation rate that soared to + 4.5% in March 2022 according to the INSEE consumer price index (after + 3.6% the previous month), saving may seem good to you futile. The interest rate of the Livret A, which caps at 1%, is indeed very difficult to follow.

However, there are solutions to grow your savings without taking the lead. This is at least what the FinTech Mon Petit Placement offers, a French application that helps individuals invest from 300 euros, without commitment or hidden costs.

Inflation is rising? Grow your savings with Mon Petit Placement

Mon Petit Placement offers you to invest your money via a much more dynamic life insurance contract than those offered by traditional banks. In a few minutes of registration, it offers you to choose an investment according to your objectives and your interests, from the least volatile (and less risky) to the most offensive.

  • The first is the Voluntary portfolio, with an average return of 3% per year;
  • The second is the Energetic portfolio, with an average return of 5% per year;
  • The third is called the Ambitious portfolio, with an average return of 8% per year;
  • And the last is the Intrépide, with an average return of 12% per year.
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You can invest your savings in line with your values, on themes that are important to you, such as climate, equality, health, technology, etc. No need to know about investing or spend hours on it: FinTech helps you invest your savings in a few minutes, depending on your profile. This allows you to make the right choices for your savings, and to invest at the right time according to your situation and your projects. This tailor-made and à la carte support according to everyone’s needs is one of the strong points of fintech, which helps its customers to invest in a serene and informed way.

Mon Petit Placement will only offer you top-of-the-range products, carefully selected by their experts, such as Lazard, Rothschild or JPMorgan.

It is also a partner with the largest insurers on the market such as Generali or Apicil and, very positively, it is remunerated via commission fees, deducted only if your investment performs. Finally, your money is never blocked: you can withdraw it whenever you want, free of charge.

How to invest in less than 10 minutes?

Do you want to invest your money wisely, but you don’t know where to start? Nothing’s easier.

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  • Sign up with Mon Petit Placement with the promo code MACG30 to benefit from a 30% reduction on your performance commissions for the first year

  • Complete the form in less than 10 minutes
  • Receive your personalized investment strategy for free
  • Track your investment from the app.

Only 10 minutes are enough to register and start working on your savings in good conditions. You can download the application (free) on iPhone or Android to follow the evolution of your investments. The interface is secure and your personal and bank details are protected.

Here, there are no account fees, no order placement fees and no entry fees: everything is done 100% online, and this, from an investment of only €300. Don’t forget: to get you started, Mon Petit Placement and MacGeneration offer you a 30% reduction on your performance fees in the first year by registering with the promo code MACG30.

Do you have questions about Mon Petit Placement, your registration, or about life insurance in general? Advisors are available 7 days a week by chat.

💶 I grow my money from €300 and in 10 minutes with Mon Petit Placement!

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