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Intel announces R&D centers and semiconductor factories in Europe


Responding to the call from Europe, which intends to develop activity around semiconductors in all directions, Intel has announced an investment of 80 billion euros over 10 years and new facilities, particularly in France.

The factory project in Magdeburg, far west of Berlin

A first tranche of 33 billion will finance a series of major projects. In France, the founder will open a European R&D center with a first site based near the Paris region and the Plateau de Saclay. Three areas of research are cited: high performance computing, artificial intelligence and processor design. 1,000 jobs are planned, including 450 before the end of 2024.

In collaboration with research institutes, universities, startups and other industrialists, this R&D center will pave the way for zettascale computing by 2026-2028, or about 1000 times the performance of current systems, Intel says.

The other aspect of this establishment in France is a major foundry design center ” Offering design services and design warranties to French, European and global industrial partners and customers through its Intel Foundry Services entity “. The place of installation has not been specified.

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Several other countries will host Intel facilities or expand existing ones. Germany will be entitled, in Magdeburg, to two very large semiconductor manufacturing plants for an investment of 17 billion. Construction is scheduled for 2023 and entry into service four years later, if the Commission gives the green light.

In Ireland, at Leixlip, Intel will invest 12 billion to double the existing manufacturing space. In Gdansk, Poland, laboratories working on neural networks, audio, data storage or graphics technologies will be expanded by 2023.

For Spain, Intel will strengthen its partnership with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and in Italy it is a factory for assembling processors after their manufacture which is on track.

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This investment frenzy follows the launch by Brussels of the Chips Act – with 11 billion to support the projects – unveiled at the beginning of the year. It intends to give the European continent capacities for the design and production of semiconductors.

Components whose development and production in volume are generally done on other markets, American or Asian. Which, in turn, also translates into a strong external dependence for European industrialists when problems of availability and stocks arise.

Intel: factories in Germany and Italy, R&D in France

Intel: factories in Germany and Italy, R&D in France

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