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Invasion of Ukraine: have Russian plans changed?


The Russian army continues its military operation in Ukraine, where it surrounds several cities including the capital, kyiv, after 18 days of conflict. In the program Europe Midi Week-end, General Jean-Paul Paloméros believes that Vladimir Putin had to change strategy, while the country is still resisting.

On paper, the Russian army had everything to take control of most of the Ukrainian territory. But Vladimir Putin’s troops have opted for a strategy of encircling Ukrainian cities, including the capital, kyiv, as the invasion of the country continues on this 18th day. “I think Russian plans changed because Mr. Putin thought Ukraine was going to fall like a house of cards”, analyzes General Jean-Paul Paloméros, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force , in the show Europe Midday Weekend.

Surrounding cities takes energy from troops

Vladimir Putin “thought that the entry of Russian troops was going to lead, not to popular jubilation, but in any case to a feeling of resignation at least among the Ukrainians”, adds the former supreme commander of NATO at the microphone of Thierry Dagiral . According to the general, the encirclement of these Ukrainian cities takes a lot of energy from the Russian soldiers, which postpones a possible intervention in neighboring countries, such as Moldova or Georgia. “The more cities they will take, the more they will have to be held. So Putin should hesitate before committing to it, but it deserves attention”, warns Jean-Paul Paloméros.

And the general explained that Westerners must continue the dialogue, despite the violence on the ground. “I believe that until he (Vladimir Putin) achieves at least one strategic objective, whether in the south, or his final objective which is to overthrow power, he will be very difficult to stop,” he said. former Air Force Chief of Staff.

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