Home International “It’s war medicine”: a Franco-Ukrainian doctor testifies on his return from kyiv

“It’s war medicine”: a Franco-Ukrainian doctor testifies on his return from kyiv


Arsène Sabaneev, a Franco-Ukrainian doctor from Lille, went to kyiv to lend a hand to the medical teams on site. He tells of an emergency situation, the Ukrainian caregivers do not have all the necessary equipment to work properly and practice “war medicine.”

He comes back from Kyiv. Arsène Sabaneev, a young Franco-Ukrainian doctor from Lille has returned from the Ukrainian capital where he went to help hospitals. Leaving for his country of origin the day after the outbreak of the Russian offensive, this 32-year-old anesthesiologist from the group of Catholic hospitals in Lille spent 10 days in kyiv to bring emergency medical equipment. On site, he was able to better assess the needs of this “war medicine” which is practiced in the Ukrainian capital.

“War Medicine”

From his stay in the hospitals of kyiv, Arsène Sabaneev, brought back some photos which testify to the urgency to come to the aid of Ukrainian doctors.

“For me, it’s quite shocking because the surgeons don’t have sterile gowns. There is no operating field. There are no anesthesia ventilators so they use resuscitation ventilators, which is not at all planned for. It’s war medicine, we really do with the means in our possession”, he says at the microphone of Europe 1.

So, after having assessed the specific needs of his Ukrainian colleagues, the young doctor from Lille will leave in the coming days with medicines, external fracture fixators, electric scalpels, but also very precious first aid kits for combatants and civilians. taken under the bombs.

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“The kits contain what is needed to stop massive bleeding. This is the number one cause of death in a war zone,” he explains.

A donation of 50,000 euros by a hospital in Lille

The Lille hospital where he works to release an envelope of 50,000 euros to support his initiative. But Arsène Sabaneev hopes soon to amplify his solidarity effort: “There is equipment whose usefulness we would not have thought of, such as armored ambulances. It seems completely absurd to need this in Europe, but ambulances must be protected. otherwise, the caregivers who are inside are machine-gunned. But they have a lot of courage.”

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Faced with this courage, but also this distress, the young Franco-Ukrainian doctor refuses to sit idly by.

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