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Join the iGen Club Discord to chat with each other and the MacGeneration team!


After a short break-in phase in all discretion, we are officially opening the iGen Club Discord! On this new community space, iGen Club subscribers can chat with each other, but also with the MacGeneration team! Part of the server is also open to everyone.

A new community space for Club iGen 👑

For those who don’t know Discord yet, it’s a platform where groups can chat live. The service was initially designed for players, but it has since grown considerably and established itself as one of the best ways to bring communities together.

On the Discord server that we officially open today, members of the iGen Club can exchange textually around the subjects that interest them. If you subscribe to our premium formula, several lounges await you: #lounge (to discuss everything and nothing), #Mac, #iPhone, #accessories, #streaming, #HomeKit… You may even come across members of the MacGeneration team, writers and developers, wandering around the server!

The iGen Club Discord is indeed a way to fulfill a promise we made to you, namely to get closer to the editorial staff. It’s a new, more direct channel of communication with us! We also have something special for you at WWDC. We’ll tell you more soon!

To join this new space, you just have to create a Discord account if you don’t already have one (the same Discord account can be used to join several communities, the data is managed by Discord). Account creation is easily done when you join our server. To assert your Club iGen subscriber status, it’s simple: after joining the server, you will receive a private message with a link that leads to MacGeneration. By going to this page, you will link your MacGeneration/Club iGen account to Discord and you will be able to take advantage of the advantages reserved for Club iGen subscribers on the platform.

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A party open to all

Even if you are not subscribed to the iGen Club, you are welcome on this Discord. Several shows are open to everyone: #articles, #good tips and above all #keynote, where you can react live to Apple conferences between MacGeneration readers.

We’ve implemented some fun little features on the server. Typing the following commands in any channel will trigger different actions (visible to all members of the channel):

  • !rewind : posts a random article from MacGeneration, iGeneration or WatchGeneration
  • !rewind X (replace the X by a number): post a random article published X years ago
  • !citation : displays the quote of the day
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In case of memory lapse, type !help Where !aide to find the list of available commands.

The Club iGen Discord server is accessible on the web as well as through the Mac, iOS, Android or other Discord application (on mobile devices, download the Discord app beforehand to simplify your registration). We hope that many of you will join this new community space and that you will enjoy discussing among yourselves but also with us in joy and good humor! See you soon !

👉 Join the Club iGen Discord Server

The iGen Club, our premium formula full of advantages 👑

The iGen Club is:

  • Dozens of exclusive articles (tests, analyses, series, etc.) each month
  • A dedicated website, ClubiGen.fr, without advertising and customizable, which brings together the content of MacGeneration, iGeneration and WatchGeneration
  • Two regular podcasts, Kernel Panic and Out of Watch
  • No advertising on our apps
  • And now a dedicated Discord server!

Subscribing to the iGen Club also means supporting us directly, an essential aid for the sustainability of MacGeneration. Three formulas are available: €4.99 for one month without commitment, €45 for one year (i.e. 3 months of savings) and €22.50 for one year for low incomes.

👉 Subscribe to iGen Club

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