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Jubilee: in the United Kingdom, 100,000 “street parties” organized to celebrate Elizabeth II


On the third day of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, celebrations continue across the UK. The British celebrate the event with their family, friends or neighbours. This weekend, more than 100,000 Jubilee street parties are taking place across the country.

Toddlers, couples, the elderly, in this working-class area of ​​North London, a happy mix is ​​having fun and singing. To celebrate the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth II, the communal garden has even been redecorated in the colors of the jubilee, with blue-white-red balloons and portraits of the queen. “It’s cool to celebrate a platinum jubilee, but above all to party, we spent two years in confinement, it’s really nice to get back to normal, to come together and enjoy!”, exclaims Deon, a neighborhood resident.

“It’s the face of our country”

“The Queen is the face of our country, I thank her, thanks to her we have this holiday and we can get together”, confides Faye, 14, delighted to celebrate this platinum jubilee.

Hakuna, organizer of the party, chairs a local association that teaches singing and music to neighborhood children. “We wanted to pay tribute to the queen, some of the children present do not understand what she represents, they see her but they do not know what she has done”, she says.

“They are taught that the Queen has served her country and the citizens of her country extremely well,” she continues. Like these neighbours, more than 10 million Britons plan to take part in a special platinum jubilee block party.

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