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Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II: four days of celebration in the streets for the British


For the second day of her jubilee, Queen Elizabeth II will not attend mass scheduled for Friday at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, due to “discomfort” felt on Thursday. But the first day was marked by his presence, as well as that of hundreds of thousands of Britons in the streets, who celebrated the event with great fanfare.

More than 3,000 candles lit across the country, nearly 200,000 fans until Sunday. Since this Thursday, the British celebrate with great fanfare the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Thursday, after her appearances on the balcony of Buckingham, the queen advanced in the gardens of Windsor for the illumination of a tree, symbol of her 70 years of reign.

“It’s wonderful to feel free”

If, this Friday, Elizabeth II will not attend the mass scheduled at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London, because of a “discomfort” felt Thursday the British will continue to celebrate this particular anniversary, which marks the unprecedented longevity of the sovereign in the British monarchy.

On the first day of the festivities, the flags, the British who toast and the endless tables testify to the festive atmosphere which emanates from the district of Mayfair, in the center of London. “It’s wonderful to feel free and to be with people who want to have a good time and be happy”, explain Geri and Trudy, two sisters dressed in the colors of the Union Jack, a glass of proseco in their hands . “We really feel like we’re back to normal. People gather in groups, we don’t wear masks anymore and we can live our lives.”

Ten million Britons will take part in the festivities

The success of the event exceeded all expectations, to the delight of the wine merchant who sold more than 200 bottles on his stand. “We did business, we sold all our rosé in a few hours. We were told that there would be around 10,000 people during the day, but it must have been at least double or triple. People really want to go out and have fun. I just wish we brought back more cases of wine, because we would have sold even more.”

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More than ten million Britons plan to take part in the Jubilee festivities until Sunday. So “cheersas we say across the Channel.

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