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Kazakhstan: dozens of protesters killed, revolt rumbles


Since Sunday, popular anger linked to the rise in gas prices has swept over this central Asian republic. Dozens of deaths are to be deplored on the side of the demonstrators and the police. The authoritarian regime in Astana called for help from Moscow, which sent its troops there.

The revolt shaking Kazakhstan has left tens of people dead and thousands injured among demonstrators, but also in the ranks of the police. What ignited the powder was the rise in the price of gas. Since Sunday, the Kazakh authoritarian regime has been overwhelmed by popular anger in this country which is five times the size of France. Rioters stormed administrative buildings and even the airport.

Faced with the threat of generalized chaos, the authorities had to resolve to ask for help from their Russian neighbor. A call to which the Kremlin responded within the framework of the CSTO, a collective security treaty applied between the former Soviet republics remained close to Moscow and Russia of Vladimir Poutine, the chief petty officer on board this organization.

Moscow sends its troops

Since the call for help from Kazakhstan, the Iliouchine 76, the large carriers of the Russian army dump armored vehicles and soldiers in the Republic of Central Asia. In addition, dozens of BTRs, troop transports equipped with guns arrive by the land border. These men are the backbone of what is officially called the “collective peacekeeping force”.

In reality, it is a question of supporting the local army to maintain in place the power, because the popular anger and the badly expressed are deep against the increase in the prices of energy, but especially against the despotism imposed for thirty years. by the family of the country’s first president, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The man has taken a step back, but he and his clan are still pulling the strings, especially that of the appropriation of the colossal mineral, oil and gas wealth of the country.

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The Kazakhs no longer want this system, unlike Russia, which needs stability and to avoid the bad example of a popular revolt that would prevail.

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