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Kernel Panic: is it rolling for CarPlay?


It was one of the surprises of WWDC22: the new generation of CarPlay surprised and its presentation by Apple raised many more questions than it provided answers. We will still try to find some in Kernel Panic!

It’s the CarPlay revolution. The new generation goes much further than just the infotainment screen of the car radio: Apple wants to install it on all screens in the car, including and especially the one behind the steering wheel. And not just to display the currently playing music track or the route.

The new CarPlay will dig into the data generated by the car to indicate its speed, interior temperature, battery and oil level, or even to adjust the inclination of the seats or the air conditioning. This involves many partnerships with the automotive industry: Apple has unveiled a whole list of manufacturers, including Renault, but they remain very discreet and cautious.

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With Anthony and Nicolas, our two automotive specialists (🤔), Kernel Panic looks back on this announcement of a much more connected and, perhaps, too intrusive CarPlay? Good listening !

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