Home Technology Kernel Panic: we do the after-sales service for the Mac Studio test!

Kernel Panic: we do the after-sales service for the Mac Studio test!


With the transition from Apple Silicon, the Mac is experiencing its most exciting period since… the transition from PowerPC to Intel! The Mac Studio proves it once again, and in the most beautiful way. We dive into the new computer and its new screen in this episode of Kernel Panic.

Positioning, design, performance: the Mac Studio is completely new in Apple’s history. The manufacturer has once again used its in-house chips to produce a completely new and intriguing computer, which we have not finished hearing about.

You were able to read the Mac Studio and Studio Display tests on MacG, but we couldn’t leave you like that without coming back verbally to the desktop computer and its screen. In this new episode of Kernel Panic, Anthony Nelzin-Santos and Florian Innocente make a first assessment of our discovery of this original proposal from Apple.

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We will also try to answer this question that bothers everyone: does the Mac Studio confirm the winning return of the Mac (#yes)? Good listening !

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