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Keyboard Maestro and Shortcuts work hand in hand


Keyboard Maestro is a complete automation solution for the Mac and as such it’s a competitor to Apple’s Shortcuts app, now integrated into macOS. Competitor… or rather complementary, as this app, present on the platform for years, is capable of doing more, while being less easy to access. This is probably why its latest update establishes links between the two solutions, enough to take advantage of the strength of each app.

Keyboard Maestro is now able to run a shortcut…
And Shortcuts can run a Keyboard Maestro macro!

The integration is done first by the ability of each app to launch an automation in the other app. On the Keyboard Maestro side, macros can now use a “Run shortcut” action and a drop-down menu allows you to choose the right item from the Shortcuts app library. Another action is also proposed to modify a shortcut, and a third to open it or modify it according to a key on the keyboard. On the side of the Shortcuts app, several actions are provided by Keyboard Maestro to execute or modify a macro.

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This integration allows you to create different automations, where you will use the advanced capabilities of Keyboard Maestro to run a shortcut, or the simplicity of Shortcuts to combine macros. A good example of the usefulness of this novelty is to be found on the side of automations: Keyboard Maestro is able to react to a very large number of parameters on your Mac, and the app can now execute a shortcut according to these parameters. Until Apple adapts personal automations from iOS to macOS, Keyboard Maestro can fulfill this role.

This macro will run every time I log into the Mac and it will launch a shortcut right away, which the Shortcuts app can’t do yet.

Keyboard Maestro allows you to enrich the shortcuts with more complex additional actions, including two that allow you to search and find/replace text with many parameters. The action allows you to use regular expressions, manage case, limit yourself to the first to the last result… so many parameters that Apple does not offer by default. Another good idea, you can read and write Keyboard Maestro variables, which is a good way to store information permanently.

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These new actions depend on the presence of Keyboard Maestro, which also limits them to macOS, an important point to remember if you also use the Shortcuts app on iPhone and iPad. The list of new features for version 10.1 contains even more new features and bug fixes, it is free for all owners of a license for version 10. Otherwise count around 42 € for a license.

Keyboard Maestro 10 requires macOS 10.13 at least, its interface is only available in English. A demo version is available on the publisher’s website.

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