July 26, 2021

Soyuz Crew comes back to Earth

Cassidy Chris, NASA astronaut, and cosmonauts Anatoli Ivanishim and Vagner Ivan landed on Earth on October 21. The three safely come back on Earth using their Russian Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft. They arrived at Kazakh town at 10:54 p.m. EDT. It was only ten days before the launch of the 20th anniversary International Space Station (ISS), an expedition involving two Russians and an American.

The trio’s leaving the space station became the end of Expedition 63. Kud-Sverchkov Sergey of Roscosmos, cosmonauts Ryzhikov Sergey, and NASA astronaut Rubins Kate will be on board to begin Expedition 64. Vagner, Ivanishim, and Cassidy were helped by the recovery forces to move out of the Soyuz. They were also given medical check-ups to enable them to adapt to the pull of gravity. The team was out of the planet for 196 days. The three were also the initial team that started Expedition 62.

Speaking during the exchange-of-command ceremony held on October 20, Cassidy said that they were having a lovely time there on board. He pointed all the crews they worked with, such as Jessica, Drew, Oleg, Kate, Sergey, Doug, and Bob. He also added that they were most privileged to welcome on board the SpaceX Demo mission.

Hurley and Behnken were the crews who flew SpaceX Dragon Demo-2 mission to the space station, the first NASA astronauts’ flight, and the first profit-oriented crewed flight.   Expedition 63 was also essential as it helped carry out many technology illustrations and science investigations. Cassidy is one of the astronauts who has worked on numerous research experiments, such as the leveraged microgravity that was used to find out the targeted cancer therapies and development of water droplet establishment.

The Soyuz MS-16 crew will be carried by the Russian helicopters to Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Then the NASA plane will take back Cassidy to Houston. Vagner and Ivanishin will board Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center aircraft to go back home to Star City, Russia.

The number of days Cassidy has stayed in space totals 378 days. This includes his three mission, like the ISS in 2013 and the 2009 space shuttle flight. He is, therefore, position five among the NASA astronauts who have stayed in space for long. Ivanishim has stayed in the space for 476 days. This was the third time he was taking part in spaceflight. He had taken part during the ISS expeditions in 2016 and 2012. For Vagner, this was the first time he was participating in spaceflight.