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Laurent Blanc, Michel Denisot and the Greens of 76 confide in a new podcast


In “Les Géants”, the new podcast event produced by Europe 1 Studio, sports journalist Jacques Vendroux invites legends of the round ball to make us relive the greatest moments in the history of French football, from the inside. Rare secrets.


“You know you won the cup. But what you don’t know is that your life just changed.” Who better to tell the most extraordinary adventures of French football than those who made them go down in history? For the first time in a native podcast, Jacques Vendroux invites football legends to confide in his microphone: Laurent Blanc on the coronation of the Blues in 1998, Michel Denisot on his PSG years, the Greens of 1976, Réginald Becque on the amateurs of Calais RUFC or Eric Pécout evoking the Canaries of Nantes.

For one episode, these football giants have agreed to turn into storytellers to relive the season that marked their career. On the tone of confidence, each of them takes the time to share their fondest memories of the sporting adventure that changed their lives. These moments engraved in the collective memory of the French, which we have witnessed through the screen, they tell us “from the inside”.

Faced with Jacques Vendroux, each guest agreed to share their memories, whether happy or more painful, to indulge in a form of introspection. What does it feel like on the pitch when you score the goal that frees an entire country? When you are knocked out just before a fateful match? And beyond the field, what is at stake during all these unifying moments within a team, when the collective takes over each individual human adventure? Michel Denisot, former president of PSG, says: “I always thought that even the bus driver had to want to win the match”.

Archives to relive emotions

“I almost have a tear in my eye, it’s so beautiful! I’ve never seen the Champs-Elysées so full…”, slipped on July 13, 1998 a supporter met by Europe 1. The strength of “Les Géants “, it is also, like this extract from a vox pop made in 1998, all the sound archives that accompany the testimonies of the guests of the podcast, and which thus make the link between the past and the here. With the Europe 1 sound heritage, immerse yourself in the bubbling atmosphere of championship euphoria, between the cries of joy of the commentators and the songs of the stadium supporters, for a total immersion in these moments left to posterity.

> INTERVIEW “I realized my dream: to relive all these events”, confides Jacques Vendroux

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The podcast “Les Géants” begins, for its Season 1, with five episodes to discover on Mondays, available free of charge on all listening platforms for football fans of course, but above all all lovers of extraordinary human adventures.

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