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League of Legends: very bad news for Riot Games’ MMO


In December 2020, Riot Games announced the development of an MMO based in the universe of League of Legends. An expected announcement for a project claimed for many years now. Only, as the publisher’s MOBA kicked off season 12 earlier this year, here is Riot sharing bad news for the most impatient fans.

bad news for the riot mmo

Long mocked for the presence of an ‚Äús‚ÄĚ at Riot Games despite publishing only one game, the American publisher has decided to reverse the trend by announcing a string of projects. versus fighting game, MMO, platform game, RPG, announcements have followed one another, some even being already available. And while the two biggest projects of the lot are still in development, here is Greg Street, vice president of Riot and executive producer on the game, making an announcement that the most impatient were not necessarily expecting.

Accustomed to Twitter, Street had notably made the announcement of said MMO. No press release or big event, just a tweet and some details afterwards. Only last week, Street took over the management of the micro-blogging network to share new information about the MMO based in the universe of League of Legends. And in a surprising but transparent tweet, he explains that there is “no guarantee” that the game will ever be released.

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There is no guarantee this game will ship. We are optimistic, but you just never know until it does. However assuming it does, this will be the fourth major franchise I have worked on (AoE, WoW, LoL), and likely the last. And I am very okay with that. It will be a good final act.

April 8, 2022

There is no guarantee that this game will ever be released. We’re optimistic, but you never know until it’s launched. However, assuming it does, this will be the fourth major franchise I’ve worked on (AoE, WoW, LoL), and probably the last. And that suits me perfectly. It will be a good last act.

Street was then questioned by a multitude of Internet users in a hurry to find out more. Through several answers, he explains in particular that if the game never comes out, it is because it has not managed to respect the standards of Riot Games: If it’s not good. If we think he will disappoint players. We don’t want to be a game that’s popular for two weeks and then disappears.” A guarantee of quality that could well be a double-edged sword. Nevertheless, it is better to see that Riot Games wants to emphasize the quality of its projects, even if it means disappointing part of its community.

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Despite everything, after the recent setbacks of games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Battlefield 2042, it’s a safe bet that most people would rather see a game postponed, or even cancelled, than go out in an unplayable state. Anyway, this MMO League of Legends is not ready for release and still has a few years of development ahead of it. And who knows, maybe Riot will manage to release a movie before an MMO, many fans have been asking for a feature film for years.

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