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LEGO King Boo’s Haunted Garden: this Super Mario set is too good and it’s on sale


LEGO and Nintendo have teamed up to develop a new collection dedicated to the Mario universe and which allows you to play with mythical places from the video game. It is the extension The Haunted Garden of King Boo which is in the spotlight since it benefits from a double reduction thanks to a promo code.

LEGO King Boo’s Haunted Garden: Mario is here and he’s not going to let it go

The and LEGO King Boo’s Haunted Garden is an extension of the super mario collection and it highlights a world controlled by the evil ghost. To be able to enjoy it, you will have to assemble the 431 pieces available in the box and in which we find several emblematic enemies:

  • King Boo (x1)
  • Swoopers (x4)
  • Goombas (x2)
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To get rid of it Mario will have to show agility and will have to jump on the heads of the Goombas. In addition, you will also have action bricks that will allow you to recover digital coins or recover a Super Star to be one. King Boo bite.

Set measures over 6” (17.5cm) high, 16.5” (42.5cm) wide and 11” (27.5cm) deep.

For the price, instead of 49 euros, it is 44 euros and with the promo code CASE10 it will eventually drop to 40 euros.

Also at LEGO, we also have the Star Wars Scout Trooper helmet to rebuild.

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