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Leviia: let go of iCloud for 100% Made in France storage 📍


In 2022, few companies in France can boast of offering a 100% French cloud solution. But there is one that is more and more talked about: Leviia, which offers an online storage service Made in France, with cloud offers that are intended to be ecological and independent of GAFAM.

Tired of knowing that your cloud data is stored overseas, often on servers based in the United States? Would you like more transparency from your public cloud provider? If you are concerned about the proper management of your data stored online, you should perhaps look at what Leviia offers, a 100% French company that offers servers that are fast, secure, ecological and respectful of the environment. privacy of its users.

Choosing Leviia over iCloud or Google Drive for security, privacy and ecology issues

If the online storage market is an ultra-competitive sector, most offers only come from across the Atlantic. Some providers offer to store your data in Europe, often in Luxembourg. But few of them offer only 100% French servers.

This is precisely the punchy argument of Leviia, which offers to replicate all of your data on different servers that are both GDPR certified and based in France (in Roubaix, Gravelines and Strasbourg) with backups made every day. . The company does not hesitate on the quality and speed of its servers, which offer excellent speeds thanks to a bandwidth of at least one Gigabit per second.

Leviia boasts “a paranoid system” in terms of security. On the menu, everything is done to ensure that data is secure: an anti-DDOS system, SSL/TLS-HTTPS sending encryption, data partitioning and double authentication factor, anti-ransomware protection and listed encryption AES-512 LUKS server.

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In addition, the French company collaborates with Reforest’Action, a company that fights to protect the environment and ensure reforestation. Leviia says all of their carbon emissions are 200% offset.

Leviia, a simple cloud on all your devices

If security and confidentiality are at the heart of Leviia’s intentions, the service, which is used like iCloud Drive or Dropbox locally on your devices, does not overlook a good user experience.

Leviia, for example, gives you access to an office suite directly integrated into your offer (OnlyOffice) to simply create documents, without any limits. This tool turns out to be rather practical since it is possible to work with several people online, like Google Docs. One can see live what others are doing, view history, add comments, etc.

Note that Leviia offers the WebDAV protocol by default. In other words, it is entirely possible to back up and synchronize your NAS with your Leviia cloud offer. For example, it is possible to use the tools of a Synology, Asustor or QNAP NAS. On the administration interface of a Synology NAS, it will be necessary for example to download and install the Cloud Sync application, choose the WebDAV protocol then configure the automation. On a QNAP NAS, you will need to use the HBS3 Hybrid Backup Sync app, for example.

Finally, be aware that you can also migrate all of your content from your current cloud, whether Dropbox, Drive or OneDrive, directly to your Leviia account.

Leviia, a non-binding offer

Leviia offers three types of subscriptions: Leviia “Perso”, Leviia “Expert” and Leviia Pro. You can choose the package that suits you and unsubscribe at any time with one click. Each offer is non-binding, to be taken monthly or annually. Year-round, a 10% reduction is applied to monthly rates.

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The “Perso” offer is designed for the backup of personal data (films, photos, files). It is ideal for sharing documents with your entourage, your customers, etc. Here are the prices:

  • €1.80 excl. VAT per month for 100 GB of storage space
  • €4.50 excl. VAT per month for 1 TB of storage space (the most popular offer)
  • €9 excl. VAT per month for 2 TB of storage space
  • 18 € HT per month for 5 TB of storage
  • €36 excl. VAT per month for 10 TB of storage

The “Expert” offer, focused on volume, is intended for customers who have large amounts of data to back up (servers, NAS, etc.). The price-to-volume ratio is among the lowest on the market. A 10% reduction is also applied to monthly rates:

  • €72 excl. VAT per month for 20 TB of storage space
  • 180 € HT per month for 50 TB of storage space (the most popular offer)
  • €351 per month for 100 TB of storage space
  • 1732 € per month for 500 TB of storage
  • 3420 € per month for 1000 TB of storage

Finally, there is Leviia Pro, an offer 100% dedicated to professionals which will give you control over the complete administration of your system, including the management of user accounts (creation, blocking, deletion) or storage quotas. You will also benefit from unlimited space in terms of number of users and storage volume, as well as 30 days of backups integrated into the price with the possibility of restoring files.

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