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LG would fold OLED screens for MacBooks and iPads


Foldable screens for laptops are not common but not a pipe dream either, Apple would work on the subject with LG. According to the South Korean website The ElectricLG has developed a certain skill in this area and it has several irons in the fire with HP but also Apple.

ThinkPad X1 Fold

And that’s without counting Lenovo, which has been selling its ThinkPad X1 Fold since the fall of 2020, made of a single, completely foldable 13.3″ screen. The price also bends the bank account since you have to pay around €3,500, and again, it’s a promo (between 4,500 and 5,000 normally).

For HP, LG would deliver a foldable 17″ 4K OLED screen this year, acting as a laptop PC, with a size reduced to 11″ once the two sides are folded together. Commercial production would begin in the 3rd quarter with a forecast of 10,000 units of this screen.

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ThinkPad X1 Fold with the optional physical keyboard accessory that slides over the lower screen

A low volume, especially for a manufacturer such as HP, which shows that we are still at the very beginning of these products. LG has reportedly supplied 20,000 copies to Lenovo since the notebook was released 18 months ago.

In parallel to HP, LG would collaborate with Apple for another generation of foldable OLED screen which would be distinguished by a coating made of ultra-thin glass instead of the plastic material, a polymer, usually used. Apple would intend these works for laptops and tablets.

In the wake of this article, Ming-Chi Kuo has indicated for its part that Apple was actively testing a foldable 9″ OLED screen in order to evaluate different technologies. According to him, Apple is primarily targeting medium format product designs, then large and finally smaller formats. .

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Finally, Ming-Chi Kuo is now targeting 2025, at best (instead of 2024 previously) as the launch window for Apple’s first foldable device. Which can be a foldable iPad or an iPhone/iPad hybrid.

At the end of February, analyst Ross Young spoke of Apple’s interest in a large 20″ foldable screen, large format therefore. He placed the cursor at least 2026/2027 to perhaps hope to see something A little before, on the horizon of 2025, it is the iPhone which could inaugurate a foldable formula of its design.

Apple would bend l

Apple would fold the iPhone and a large screen from 2025

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