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Logitech Ergonomic Lift Mouse Review: An MX Vertical for Small and Medium Hands


Are you ending your days with sore hands from your Magic Mouse? That’s good, Logitech has presented a new ergonomic mouse soberly called Lift. The youngest is a more compact, cheaper, but more fun version of the MX Vertical released in 2018. Is this a discount version? This is what we will see in this test.

A mouse that hurts your wrists less

Let’s start by recalling the interest of an ergonomic mouse. Unlike a classic model where the palm comes to rest on top of the mouse with a slight twisting effect on the wrist, the hand here is inclined and takes a more natural position. This has the effect of releasing pressure on the wrists and reducing muscle strain.

If this new grip is a bit disconcerting the first half hour, you get used to it quickly. It will prevent the appearance of pain at the end of the day and more serious problems in the long term. I’ve personally been using an MX Vertical for a few months (even two of us on the team do it), and you can feel a real difference compared to a trackpad or a Magic Mouse: the forearm is less tired, and everything is much more comfortable.

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Lift and MX Vertical.

With this new version, Logitech is not reinventing the wheel: Lift is an MX Vertical designed for small or medium hands, with some welcome improvements. Unsurprisingly, the mouse won’t be exactly comfortable for those with larger hands, and Logitech recommends that they go for the larger model.

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