Home Technology M1 chips, opportunity or obstacle to make Macs gaming machines?

M1 chips, opportunity or obstacle to make Macs gaming machines?


The Mac Studio may be overpowering, it is not the Mac that will reconcile the gamers with Apple. Youtuber Andrew Tsai had fun launching a few big games on a Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip, and we have to admit that it’s not a panacea: between 50 and 70 FPS in ultra on Metro Exodus with a 1080p resolution through Rosetta. It’s fluid, but it’s not amazing for a machine over €4,500 running a game from 2019! On GTA 5 (playable through CrossOver), performance also leaves something to be desired. The game struggles to exceed 60 FPS despite some graphic cleats pushed down.

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It’s not new, the Mac is lagging behind in video games and the “big” titles ported to macOS are rare. One of the most beautiful games available on Mac today remains Shadow of the Tomb Raidera title all the same released in 2018. The AAA games published since that can compete with it can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Baldur’s Gate 3, Metro Exodus, Mafia 3… Why are there so few games to eat when Apple is marketing increasingly powerful Macs?

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