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Mac Studio and Studio Display, update on stocks and lead times


There are always delays and stock problems on the Mac Studio and the Studio Display, but if you are not too greedy on the configuration, the wait can be contained.

On the Apple Store, the fastest to get is the entry-level model – already very powerful – with its M1 Max and 32/512 GB at 2,299 €. It is available between June 9 and 16 while some of Apple’s stores have it in stock (for others it is postponed to June 16).

Basic M1 Max and M1 Ultra

We must be content with this configuration to meet these deadlines, the slightest option propels the wait to the last week of July. The most acute case is the model with a base of M1 Ultra. Without touching anything, it can be discounted between July 21 and August 4. Add an option and it becomes staggering: 10 to 12 weeks or an in-store pick-up scheduled around… September 7th.

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This tension is reflected in other sellers, with the exception of Baker where stocks come and go from day to day. The site announces a delivery this week for two configurations in M1 Max, one with 512 GB at €2,299 and the other with 1 TB at €2,529. We still have a small reservation on the dates announced given the situation of this machine, but the M1 Ultra, on the contrary, is clearly indicated unavailable.

In front of Amazon (1, 2), Fnac (1, 2) and Darty there is nothing in stock, nor any expectation of improved availability.

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Then it’s hardly better for the natural companion of this Mac, the Studio Display screen. On the Apple Store delivery is estimated within 8 to 10 weeks and for August 11 in stores. However, some of them have it for a withdrawal the same day when you are satisfied with the default foot (adjustable in inclination, but not in height).

The Fnac has stock on the base model at €1,749 with the standard glass and adjustable tilt stand. Delivery is announced between June 2 and 3. Finally, at Baker all variants of this screen are referenced, but only one is given in stock: the model with the standard foot and nano-textured glass to reduce reflections, displayed at €1,999.

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