Home Technology Mac Studio SSD modules are replaceable as part of a repair 🆕

Mac Studio SSD modules are replaceable as part of a repair 🆕


The Mac Studio’s SSD module raises a lot of questions and even hope from users who imagine it possible to replace it with a beefier one. It is true that the first teardowns of the new computer show not only a relatively easy removal of the component, but also a second slot available.

Image: Luke Miani.

The first attempts at hacking, however, threw a big bucket of cold water on the hopes of these users. According to our information, it will be possible to replace the SSD module of Mac Studios, but the operation will only be possible as part of a repair, in the Apple Store or in an authorized service center. It will be necessary to use the official tools (Apple Service Toolkit 2) to complete the procedure.

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Mac Studio's SSD module can be removed, but it's not much use

Mac Studio’s SSD module can be removed, but it’s not much use

Other information confirm that it will not be officially not possible to install modules with greater capacities, including in the context of a repair.

Hector Martin, the initiator of the Asahi Linux project, given a slightly different story: if you really want to play with the Mac Studio’s SSD modules, you must first perform a DFU restore of the computer, and equip yourself with two modules of the same storage from the same vendor (Apple has several vendors for memory) to be able to use them on both slots of the machine.

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Update – iFixit, who is currently dismantling Mac Studios, confirms Hector Martin’s comments. The repair specialists replaced the SSD of one Mac Studio with the SSD of another… except that the system cannot (not yet) be restored in DFU with Apple Configurator from another Mac.

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