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macOS 12.3: spatial audio with dynamic head tracking more accessible on Mac M1


On Apple Silicon Macs, macOS 12.3 makes the dynamic head tracking option more accessible for spatial audio content. Now, when listening to compatible content with AirPods 3/Pro/Max, the menu dedicated to sound has an β€œActive head tracking” option that can be activated with one click. The sound then adapts to the movements of the head to give the impression of always coming from the Mac. You can also choose fixed spatial audio or no spatial audio at all.

macOS 12.3 Sound menu with β€œHead tracking active” option

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking was already present on earlier versions of macOS Monterey, but the option was not highlighted. It didn’t appear in the menu bar, you had to look for it in the Accessibility section of System Preferences.

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In macOS 12.2, the Dynamic Head Tracking option was already present in System Preferences but not in the Sound menu.

In the macOS 12.3 release notes, Apple also states that β€œDynamic head tracking is available in the Music app with supported AirPods on Macs with an M1 chip. Β»

You can listen to spatial audio content, with or without head tracking, on Apple Music and Apple TV+ in particular, but also on Netflix in Safari. If you have everything (Mac M1, AirPods 3/Pro/Max and compatible content), you can activate the option in the menu bar.

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