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macOS 12.3: Zoom, Webex and Teams have the keys to drastically improve their screen sharing


Apple has made official on the macOS Monterey news page (only the English version for the moment) its new screen sharing framework introduced in macOS 12.3. This framework, called ScreenCaptureKit, allows developers of videoconferencing applications to significantly improve their screen sharing capabilities.

Thanks to this new software brick, CPU consumption is reduced both for those who share their screen as well as for those who watch it, says Apple. As a result, the autonomy of MacBooks is improved. That’s not all, since the quality of the image is also revised upwards.

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Interestingly, Apple notes that this framework was developed with input from vendors such as Zoom, Webex, OBS, and Microsoft Teams β€” third-party vendors are rarely mentioned on this page. So we can expect these developers to take advantage of it fairly quickly. The others – we think of Discord, Meta, Google… – have plenty of time to use this new framework to improve their screen sharing as well.

On the left, current function of OBS. On the right, new function based on ScreenCaptureKit.

Apple did much of the work itself for OBS Studio, a popular video capture application among streamers, with convincing results. Thanks to the new framework, a MacBook Pro 16″ 2019 manages to capture a game smoothly where it forgot many frames before, and this even consuming half as many resources. The integration of the framework remains to be finalized in OBS Studio .

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Apple demonstrates the value of its new video capture framework in OBS Studio

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