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macOS 12.4 fixes yet another bug related to the creation of bootable clones


Since Big Sur, creating a bootable clone of your Mac has become singularly complicated. The tool that Apple now imposes on third-party publishers to perform this task gives them a lot of trouble. ChronoSync, SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner have again paid the price recently.


In macOS 12.3 on Apple Silicon Macs, Apple Software Restore (ASR) suffered from a new bug that prevented creating bootable clones. The data was successfully copied to the hard drive or external SSD, but ASR produced an error when finalizing the bootable clone, preventing it from being booted at startup. The publishers of SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner managed to circumvent this bug with the respective versions 3.6 and 6.1.1 of their software as early as March.

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For their part, the creators of ChronoSync were waiting for a fix from Apple, a fix that arrived with macOS 12.4 released in mid-May. “We are happy to announce that with the release of macOS 12.4, Apple has fixed the bug and we are now able to offer the bootable clone option again! », says Econ Technologies on its blog. You need version 10.2 of ChronoSync to find this option.

Faced with these incessant problems with ASR, the editor of Carbon Copy Cloner recommends creating “standard backups” which do not include the operating system and which are therefore not bootable, but which pose less worries. It is nevertheless possible to create bootable clones with Carbon Copy Cloner and other software, therefore.

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