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macOS 12.4 releases Universal Control from beta and provides Studio Display wallpaper


There are two small new features in macOS 12.4 that the release notes of the release candidate did not reveal. The Universal Command feature is now out of beta condition! Appeared with macOS 12.3 and iPad 15.4, it makes it possible to share the same keyboard and the same mouse between a Mac and one or more iPads (or other Macs), documents passing between one and the other as if they were not one.

The beta release means Universal Command is now polished enough, in Apple’s eyes anyway, to strip it of that tag. The feature is enabled by default, settings are available in the system preferences panel Monitors > Universal command (on Mac) or in the settings General > AirPlay and Handoff (on iPad).

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Overview of the

Overview of the amazing Universal Command feature between Mac and iPad

Even better, macOS 12.4 adds Studio Display wallpapers! Gotta love colorful ribbons, but hey, life is better with as many wallpapers as possible. It is called “Color Studio” in the preferences desktop and screen saver. For the unfortunate ones who have not yet installed the release candidateyou can download the image at this address (via 9to5Mac).

macOS 12.4 also brings support for the Studio Display firmware update 15.5, a software which is therefore provided separately from macOS. It improves (a little) the quality of the webcam of the screen.

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Studio Display: kick

Studio Display: A look at webcam improvements

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