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Makiba Smart Sit-Stand Desk Review: More ups than downs


The supply of desks capable of moving from a seated position to a standing position at any time has multiplied in recent years. Formerly reserved for an extreme minority because of their high price, these motorized desks can now be purchased without a disproportionate additional cost compared to a classic model. The FlexiSpot model that I tested at the beginning of the year does not exceed 500 € with a plate, for example.

Flexispot EQ5 sit-stand desk review

A French competitor named Makiba offered us to test its flagship product, the Smart sit-stand desk. Present on this market since 2017, this company created near Toulouse does not build its own offices, as FlexiSpot can do. It uses specialized manufacturers for the various components and highlights its management from France, whether for the shipment of products or for the five-year warranty.

The desk that Makiba sent me and that I have been using for a few weeks, here in a high position.

The Makiba Smart is sold more expensive than the FlexiSpot model, but not a lot plus, with an entry ticket of €650. At this price, what can we expect as quality? We take stock in this test!

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Assembly and installation

The first contact with the Makiba office goes through two large boxes, one for the tray and another for the structure and all the electronics. The shipment is made from depots in France and it is fast: count 48 hours on the majority of the territory. The company takes care of this shipment, with an expedition carried out by DB Schenker and recycled wood panels to avoid breakage on the set.

The two boxes sent by Makiba (the cat was not included in the shipment).

Inside the big box, you will find the metal structure and the electronic components, as well as any accessories, like the chute that Makiba also sent me. These components are created and produced by Linak, the Danish linear actuator specialist that has been around since 1970 and works in multiple areas, including sit-stand desks. It does not sell directly to individuals and focuses on the professional market. Three colors are available, I chose a black structure for my desk, but I could have opted for white or gray.

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