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Mali: French army accuses Wagner’s mercenaries of manipulation


The French army has filmed what it claims are Russian mercenaries burying bodies near the Gossi military base in northern Mali. The staging would aim to accuse the French of having left a mass grave behind them in this region of the Sahel, barely a few months after having started Operation Barkhane.

Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group have reportedly been caught in the act of manipulation in northern Mali. It is the French army which reveals this information, especially since it managed to film them. It was to accuse the French troops of having left a mass grave behind them.

A fake Twitter account alerted the French authorities

In this footage filmed by a French army drone operating over Mali on intelligence, white soldiers are seen moving dead bodies and covering them with sand with shovels next to the Gossi basis. It is a military base that the French army left on April 19 as part of the Mali disengagement plan.

The problem is that a few hours later, these images were published on Twitter by a man named Dia Diarra, claiming to be a former soldier and Malian patriot. A false account, according to the French staff. But, to accompany the image, Dia Diarra had written this: “This is what the French left behind when they left the base at Gossi. We can’t keep silent about that”.

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Members of the Malian forces also present

Very quickly, the French army identified this umpteenth attempt at manipulation. But according to information from Europe, it was only from the 500th retweet that it was decided to denounce it publicly. Especially since with the work of intelligence, the French analysts are certain that the white men seen do indeed belong to Wagner. But the most serious thing to finish is that we also see men, members of the Malian armed forces.

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