Home Business mega-order of 292 planes from four Chinese companies

mega-order of 292 planes from four Chinese companies


Four Chinese companies announced, Friday, July 1, orders for A320neo from the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The total represents 292 devices, for a list price exceeding 35 billion euros.

China Eastern has indicated that it will order 100 Airbus A320neo, China Southern 96 aircraft of the same model while Air China and its subsidiary Shenzhen Airlines have confirmed the acquisition of 96 A320neo. Airbus has confirmed the contracts signed by these four Chinese companies for “a total of 292 aircraft in the A320 range”.

Exceptional year

“This illustrates the positive recovery and favorable outlook for the Chinese aviation market,” underlined the manufacturer, specifying that the orders are also the result of “long in-depth discussions that took place throughout the difficult period of the pandemic”.

These orders come after an exceptional year for Airbus, marked by record profits. A welcome rebound after the pandemic and which gives the European aircraft manufacturer additional momentum against its American rival Boeing.

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Boeing’s sales in recent years have been hampered by the setbacks of its 737 Max, a flagship model grounded for twenty months following two close fatal accidents and which has been gradually returning to service since the end of 2020. The Chinese authorities have authorized the return to service of the 737 Max at the end of 2021 after safety adjustments.

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