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Meta would like NFTs on Facebook and Instagram


Unsurprisingly, Meta is very interested in NFT, this system of virtual tokens to certify who is the owner of an image or file. If it remains reserved for insiders, the concept is very fashionable at the moment and the market is doing very well. A new article from the Financial Times tells us that Meta is considering developing tools that allow its users to create their own NFTs. They could then post them on the group’s various platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook). A market place to sell them would also be in the cards.

Screenshot of the metaverse presentation conference. Image: Meta.

This is not the first time that rumors about this have circulated, and the company has already confirmed that it is interested in this area. During the presentation of the metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg insisted that creators could sell their digital works there. At the end of December, an internal note had been revealed in which the CTO of Meta explained to aim ” deep blockchain compatibility ”, namely the type of database that can be used, among other things, to certify NFTs.

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According to the Financial Times, Instagram is internally testing an NFT enhancement feature. One can imagine that it will take the form of a showcase for creators, or certification on the profile of buyers.

Indeed, some NFT collections (like the Bored Ape Yacht Club) trade for thousands of dollars. Several stars have them and proudly put them forward on their social networks: displaying one shows their membership in the club. A certification system would prove that a user is indeed the owner of his avatar and the related NFT, and not a villainous usurper who simply Clic droit -> Enregistrer l'image sous.

Some celebrities post their avatar NFTs on social media.

To spin all of this, the company would bank on its own Diem currency and its Novi wallet. ” Much of the functionality related to Novi will power the NFTs “Explains a person close to the file. Announced in June 2019 by Meta, this ambitious currency project dedicated to its platforms is going downhill. Several countries (including France) have shown themselves hostile to it, while Meta’s cryptocurrency manager left the group in November.

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According to those interviewed, the company is still in its infancy in the field and could still change its plans. It’s hard to say what stage it is at now. In the meantime, the arrival of Meta on the market with simple tools could make it possible to really popularize NFTs with the general public. This could also allow it to establish itself on a juicy ground on which the other big names in tech are currently not very present.

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