Home Technology Microsoft lays off 400 employees in Russia

Microsoft lays off 400 employees in Russia


Microsoft greatly reduces its wing in Russia with the announcement of the layoff of more than 400 people. A further step in the disengagement of the publisher, which has already suspended its sales of products and services since the attack on Ukraine.

In a statement made to BloombergMicrosoft justifies its decision to limit in a way “ significant » its activities in Russia in light of economic developments and their impact on its operations. As it has done since the beginning of March, Microsoft will limit itself to fulfilling its contractual obligations with its existing customers.

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Microsoft does not specify the proportion that these 400 employees represent on its workforce in Russia. However, it seems to be quite substantial. A specialized publication spoke a year ago of a number of employees in Russia of about 300 people.

The article also noted the gradual disengagement of the publisher in this country already started a few years ago. Its workforce there would have been divided by three since 2014.

Several factors were cited, such as the importance taken by the cloud activity which imposed reorganizations and less successful sales while the Russian government pushed its administrations to dismiss software from Western companies. The war waged now against Ukraine would only have accelerated this movement.

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Microsoft halts new sales of products and services in Russia

Microsoft halts new sales of products and services in Russia

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