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Microsoft says it is open to creating unions in the United States


Microsoft is taking a stand on the debate over growing unionization in large corporations in the United States. Unlike Amazon, Starbucks or Apple, the Windows publisher has the merit of setting the terms of the debate in complete transparency, and ensures that it is open to the ground swell that runs through the American social landscape.

Credit: Microsoft

The company recognizes that the world of work is changing, which is why it publishes the main principles of its approach to trade unions. Microsoft recalls in the preamble that ” our employees will never need to organize themselves to have a dialogue with the leaders of Microsoft “.

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This is another way of taking up the argument used in particular by Apple to discourage employees’ desire to organize: Deirdre O’Brien, the manager of the retail and human resources of Apple, explained to his troops that an intermediary, like a union, could “slow down” the ability of the group to bring rapid changes for its employees.

Deirdre O's replica

Deirdre O’Brien’s response to the unionization movement in the Apple Stores

If Microsoft’s point is more positive, in the end the result is the same: the company would certainly prefer to dialogue directly with its employees rather than going through a union. However, Microsoft recognizes it black on white: “ We recognize that employees have a legal right to form or join a union “. As required by law, in fact.

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The group also reports feeling a “ feeling of optimism based on the realization that “ success in a competitive global economy requires businesses and workers to strive to work well together “. These are great principles that need to come into contact with reality.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has opposed an upside-down front against Apple. This was also the case for its application store, the main principles of which are the opposite of the App Store.

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