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NATO, G7 and EU summits: what responses to the conflict in Ukraine?


Western leaders met this Thursday in Brussels as part of three summits – NATO, G7 and the European Union – to talk about the war in Ukraine and discuss issues vis-à-vis Russia. Emmanuel Macron notably sounded the alarm about the risk of famine in the countries due to the risk of grain shortages.

A month ago to the day, war broke out in Ukraine. This Thursday, Western leaders met in the framework of three summits, NATO, G7 and European Union. The objective was to take steps to impose sanctions against Russia. The two main issues were the nuclear and chemical threat posed by Vladimir Putin and of which Volodymyr Zelensky is particularly concerned.

“Today we agreed to do more to help Ukraine protect itself against biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear threats,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. “This may include equipment for detection, protection as well as training in decontamination and crisis management. NATO also deploys additional chemical, biological and nuclear defenses to reinforce these groupings.”

And if Russia uses chemical weapons, Joe Biden promises “a response” from NATO. With regard to the humanitarian aspect, Washington announces 1 billion dollars of additional aid and says it is ready to welcome 100,000 refugees on its territory.

risk of starvation

French President Emmanuel Macron proposed to him during the G7 an emergency plan for food security. The Head of State called on Moscow to be “responsible” by allowing sowing in Ukraine to take place, failing which the war will cause in 12 to 18 months “an inevitable famine”, with in particular the risk of cereal shortages in Egypt and North Africa. “We are entering an unprecedented food crisis because other countries in the Near and Middle East, in Africa, are very dependent to feed their populations on what is produced today in Ukraine and Russia. In the exchanges I have with President Putin, I also plead for Russia to be responsible and not to take on the responsibility of creating this famine.

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If there are no new sanctions against Russia, but the G7 countries have said they are ready to impose new ones if necessary.

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