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Nintendo: a new NES is coming, bring out your old cartridges


While many electronic components are missing for the production of next-gen consoles, video game enthusiasts like to immerse themselves in those who rocked our childhood. Among them, we can now count on the developers of the TinyNES inspired by Nintendo’s NES.

TinyNESS: an interesting crowdfunding

There are many people who regret not being able to replay their old games, either because their consoles no longer work, because of time and wear and tear, or because they do not have the time to take a new one or becausethey do not have the possibility to look for an emulator capable of running the desired console. Still, take your old games out of the closet and replay it with “all the sensations of the time” this is the intention behind the crazy project of crowdfunding of the TinyNES. The developers (Nintendo fans) have indeed developed hardware capable of spin old NES cartridges, all they needed was funding to start distributing it everywhere.

Indeed, this makes three years that the developers have been working on the project. They finally made it available on the Crowdsupply platform recently, estimating that they needed $ 20,000 to complete their project. Currently, they raised $ 38,435, which is already 192% of the total for the project. The fundraising campaign ends at the end of the month, for a shipment of packages scheduled for the month of May. The console is placed as a competitor of the Analogue NT, another console allowing the use of NES cartridges. The TinyNES is intended to be very close to what Nintendo offered between 1983 and 1995, with RP2A03 and RP2C02 chips. Be careful, however, if the console displays compatibility for all games without regional blocking as well asuse of official controllers, it will also have to be played on a vintage television, sinceit does not have an HDMI component. You will therefore need a screen with an NTSC composite RCA plug, as well as an RCA Audio Mono connector.

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TinyNES: What about Nintendo?

Where the shoe pinches is that the console which therefore plans to play with the original sensations of the best games of the NES is currently offered at a price of $ 199. By counting the shipping costs, it will be easy to between 220 and 250 dollars for the total price of the console for a shipment to France, where some official second-hand NES can easily fetch between 50 and 100 euros on the second-hand market. So it won’t be accessible to everyone, given the console’s truly “tiny” size and minimalist design. For the same price, you can legally have access to a Nintendo Switch Lite accompanied by the console emulator which does not allow you to play the entire catalog, but is relatively complete concerning retro-gaming.

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We could legitimately ask the question of Nintendo’s interest in the project, exactly. This console is not official and the Japanese company very cautious at the idea of ​​letting it settle a competitor to the NES Mini, we could understand that Nintendo intervenes against this project. However, the company has not yet communicated on this subject. Perhaps she is not aware of the latter or that she cannot / will not act, since the components inside have not been patented by the Japanese firm. If you want to get one, here is one last important piece of information: the console currently comes with all the necessary wiring, but does not have a controller or game. Otherwise, it reminds us a lot of this young developer who had fun transforming old home consoles into portable consoles. We were just telling you about it here.

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