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Nintendo: the Switch finally has this feature that all players have been waiting for


In this month of March 2022, Nintendo Switch turns five! Half a decade is the time it took for the hybrid console to offer a very simple and much-requested feature, which was however slow to point the tip of its nose. Better late than never !

Nintendo Switch: a rich but cumbersome catalog

After the colossal failure of the Wii U, Nintendo was able to come back with great fanfare in 2017 with its Nintendo Switch. Allowing you to play in portable mode anywhere or with the console connected to a screen, it quickly succeeded in attracting a large audience, despite its significant technical limitations. If it has expanded its catalog over the years, it can above all count on licenses and flagship games, like the Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Super Mario and its many derivatives.

Very good productions, which can quickly accumulate and get lost in a tide of other games. Frustrating. It is for this reason that for many years, many players are asking for a feature that would allow sorting. Imagine: sorting your games by genre, or grouping all your Mario together to quickly find your Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to be able to test its new circuits! Well it is now (finally) possible.

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Create folders and store your games right now on Nintendo Switch

If you recently turned on your Nintendo Switch, you must have noticed thata new update, 14.0, was available for download. As usual, the changes brought by this one are not obvious, but this time, one feature in particular stands out. It is now possible to create folders that you can rename and in which it is possible for you to store your software (games and applications), as long as you have at least 13 installed on your console.

To do so, you need to go to the “All software” page, then to the “Groups” tab. It is then up to you to integrate the desired software, sort them in a certain order and rename everything. In total, these are not not less than 100 folders with up to 200 software each that can be created. But since it would have been surprising if everything were perfect, know that it is for the time being impossible to display these folders on the home page of the Switch: your games will continue to appear there one after the other, according to the date of their last use. You will therefore have to go to the “Groups” tab each time. Nothing really bad, but it’s a bit of a shame.

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Bluetooth also improved

If the possibility of creating folders is therefore the biggest novelty brought by the 14.0 update, the latter also improves the Bluetooth functionality provided by update 13.0, six months ago. Again, nothing fancy, but you can now adjust the volume of your Bluetooth devices both from the console and directly from said devices, knowing that their maximum volume has been increased.

We hope for further improvements in the coming months. to be able to play in the best possible conditions at Hogwarts Legacy which, surprisingly, will indeed be released on the Nintendo console!

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