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Noreve: treat yourself to high-end French, unique and customizable cases for iPhone, iPad 📍


Buying a quality case for your Apple smartphone or iPad isn’t so easy when faced with giants such as Amazon, Fnac and Boulanger, which offer hundreds of discount products. And yet…

A French brand stands out from the others: Noreve, a long-time partner of MacGeneration which already registers more than 420,000 customers on its site. Definitely high-end, Noreve offers no less than 12 product ranges, in 180 leathers in different colors, 80 interior coverings, 5 designs for smartphone models and dozens of options such as shoulder strap accessories, neck straps, credit card slots, easels for restaurants, etc.

Completely unique and customizable accessories for iPhone, iPad or AirPods

Noreve is not a case brand like the others. Based in Saint-Tropez, she has been cultivating a sense of craftsmanship and know-how for years. She also knows how to stay trendy without ever ignoring the requirement.

Noreve is distinguished by the quality of its leathers, its molds and its cuts. It offers many accessories for your Apple smartphones and tablets, both modern and of excellent craftsmanship, which are distinguished above all by their originality.

For example, there are five different cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max, from €65. You will have the choice of leather: smooth, grained, nubuck, patent, special, saffiano, etc., but also the color, the lining, etc.

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Same observation on the side of the covers for iPad mini 6 with more than a dozen different cases, again fully customizable, which we will see below.

For the summer, personalize your iPhone or iPad with these trendy accessories from Noreve

If you are looking for an accessory to make you stand out this summer, then adopt the shell or shoulder bag from Noreve. These new trends for the summer are elegant, practical and comfortable at the same time.

Carry your smartphone on your shoulder

If the brand already offers dozens of options to personalize its precious, the shoulder strap option allows you to transform a simple smartphone protection into a chic and functional accessory.

Once slipped into its shoulder bag, your phone will be safe while remaining accessible. This design and practical accessory will accompany you in all circumstances, whether on a daily basis, during a shopping spree or during the holidays.

It can be worn over the shoulder or over the shoulder, in a short or long version. In addition to being adjustable, the shoulder strap is removable thanks to its two carabiners.

This customization option is made-to-measure in noble materials such as leather, prized for its elegance and robustness. Straight seams, clean cuts, painted edges, durability of carabiners: you can be sure that Noreve quality will be there.

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Personalization by UV printing

UV printing, which involves using a special printer to personalize a case, is ideal for showcasing your phone. This allows a pattern or image to be created by applying multiple layers of UV ink to a medium, such as leather, fabric, metal, wood, etc.

On each accessory you buy from Noreve, you can for example print the logo of your company or your club, or a small declaration of love, why not? The choice is yours.

Dozens of possible customizations

Noreve offers you other customization options to make your new cover or shoulder strap exceptional, such as the credit card option, practical for taking your card everywhere.

To watch videos or read novels, you can opt for a case by adding an easel to the back. Noreve craftsmen can also print a date or a particular pattern on your case, add a logo, your name or your initials using the engraving option. On the finishing side, you have the choice between a completely neutral smooth cover and a quilted shell, for example.

👉 Find all Noreve accessories and their dozens of customization options here

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