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OL-OM incidents: six months in prison required against the author of the bottle throwing on Payet


Six months in prison and five years of stadium ban were required against the supporter who threw a full plastic bottle at Dimitri Payet, during the Olympico Sunday evening between Lyon and Marseille. Prosecutor Béatrice Moure called for an “exemplary sentence”.

A sentence of six months in prison, together with a stadium ban for five years, was requested on Tuesday against the author of the bottle throwing at the Marseillais Dimitri Payet, Sunday evening in Lyon during the match of Ligue 1 OL-OM. The incident caused by the respondent, aged 32, had caused the final interruption of the match between Lyon and Marseille as part of the 14th day of Ligue 1. The court must render its judgment by the end of daytime.

“An exemplary sentence”

“We are seeing an increase in incidents and acts of violence,” said prosecutor Béatrice Moure in her indictment, recalling that the clubs incur “significant administrative sanctions in the event of a problem”. “Zero risk does not exist but zero tolerance does exist,” she added, asking the court for “an exemplary sentence”. Olympique Lyonnais, which became a civil party in the proceedings, had done the same on Monday. The Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League, meeting urgently on Monday, has already sanctioned the club with a match behind closed doors as a precaution, before rendering a final decision on December 8. OL, which has been talking about “an isolated case” since Sunday evening, hopes to be able to play the match against Marseille again.

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