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Oscars 2022: Will Smith’s slap even invades Elden Ring


First diverted through hundreds of memes shared on social networks, Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars has since been parodied in many other ways. This time, it’s in Elden Ring that the incident unfolds.

The Oscars slap continues to amuse the gallery

It may tire more and more Internet users and even Hollywood personalities, the incident which branded the 94th Oscars ceremony also continues to amuse many people. Proof of this is that the debates around Will Smith’s bloodshed continue to rage and parodies continue to emerge on the web.

This is particularly the case in the wonderful world of video games, the players redouble their imagination to make fun of the situation. A surfer even went so far as to create a flash game available for free on the browser and in which the only goal is to slap Chris Rock as hard as possible. But lately it’s in the game of the moment, Elden Ring, that “reproductions” of the incident have emerged.

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A scene reproduced thanks to the online mode ofelden ring

Elden Ring Already being named GOTY (game of the year) by many gamers, it was obvious that gamers would sooner or later find a way to replicate Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock in the game. Two Internet users have shared their “creations” on Reddit.

First, three friends got together thanks to the title’s online mode: one is just a spectator, while the other two play the roles of Chris Rock and Will Smith. As during the Oscars, the latter goes with a determined step towards his target, before dealing him a violent blow and leaving, the air of nothing. Corn the best part is the final cry, mimicking it “Get the name of my wife out your fucking mouth!” of the actor.

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The second video is more sober and we even wonder if it was prepared in advance: the player who shared the clip seemed ready to fight (he uses a special technique at the beginning of the video). But it’s the top comment using Will Smith’s phrase that should make you smile, if you know a minimum of the lore ofElden Ring or that you fought a certain boss: “TAKE MALENIA’S NAME OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!”.

Simple little pleasures that make you smile and bring together fans ofElden Ringwhich continue to break records and deliver incredible speedruns.

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