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Our favorite applications: web and communication


Have you just acquired an Apple device or are you looking to replace an application that does not completely satisfy you? The MacGeneration team presents its favorite applications in all areas and on all platforms. Here are our favorites for browsing the web and communicating.

MacGeneration’s favorite applications

Web browser

Orion (Stephane)

Orion is not my default browser β€” I’m too attached to Firefox β€” but if I had to change it, it would be the best place to become one. The work done by Kagi’s small team is impressive: based on WebKit, Orion is fast and has original features, but without overdoing it (right, Vivaldi?). Above all, it is compatible with more and more Firefox and Chrome extensions. Give it a try if you’ve been around Safari.

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  • Available on Mac and iPhone
  • Free ($5/month support subscription)


FireShot (Florian)

I have a hobby, every time Apple updates the home page of its American site in a significant way, I capture it and archive it. I’ve been doing this for a few years now… It sometimes helps me for certain articles.

Safari not always being very good at retrieving an entire page correctly, I use the FireShot extension, ported from Firefox to Apple’s browser. I use it in a very basic way, to fetch the web page in JPEG but there are several other export options.

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