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Overdose: this new horror game from Hideo Kojima has just leaked


In December 2015, Hideo Kojima announced that he was leaving Konami to found his own studio. Four years later comes out death stranding, a title that did not fail to divide the players. Kojima must now present his next project. Unfortunately for the Japanese creator, it seems that Tom Henderson, the famous leaker, took care of it for him. A horror game called Overdosethe announcement of which would be imminent.

a horror game called Overdose

June is known as the month of announcements in the video game industry. While E3 is gradually disappearing from memory, studios and publishers take advantage of the annual conferences to present their current projects. Announcements for games already presented or still mysterious that do not fail to make headlines. And in the middle of the video game, creators stand out. Big names whose projects are massively followed, like Hideo Kojima, known as the artist behind the saga of Metal Gear but also the very promising PTa game silent Hill which unfortunately never saw the light of day despite a convincing demo.

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And after death stranding and its dark and fantastic universe, Kojima seemed to want to bring a horror game to life. A reality if we are to believe the information of Tom Henderson, journalist and famous leaker, who did not fail to cut the grass under Kojima’s feet. In an article published on the Try Hard Guides website, Henderson explains that he received “early footage, which was sent to him on condition of anonymity and appears to show Death Stranding’s Mama wearing a blue dress“. A game that simply features the actress who played Mama, Margaret Qualley.

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According to Henderson, “footage shows the character walking through dark hallways with a flashlight in third person, but it’s been suggested the game can also be played in first person“. Finally, “uA warning message at the end of the video shows a “GAMEOVER” followed by the phrase “A Hideo Kojima Game”… “OVERDOSE“. To add more credibility to this leak, Kojima specifically asked Henderson to delete his article, a request which the journalist refused. An alleged horror game which could be announced shortly, in particular via the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 from this Sunday, June 12. Note that a second event, called Xbox Games Showcase Extended, will take place on June 16, will last 90 minutes all the same and will come to deepen the first conference.

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