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pCloud Family: the “lifetime” cloud subscription of 2 TB for up to 5 users is at a knockdown price! 📍


It’s time to do some good business! The “lifetime” family cloud subscription (in one-time payment) of 2 TB and up to 5 pCloud users is at a discount of -75%. Be careful, the offer will only last a few days, so take advantage of it.

pCloud is an online public cloud service that you pay only once to benefit from storage space and the services associated with it for life. If the provider offers different types of subscriptions, the pCloud Family plan is offered with a 75% discount, and this is for a few days only. With this option, you will benefit from a virtual space of 2 TB for all the siblings, shareable with up to 5 users.

pCloud, a digital safe for the whole family

Are you tired of paying the bill every month for your cloud subscription and you need an online space for all your siblings? You’ve come to the right place: the pCloud Family subscription allows you to synchronize, store, consult and share your files and various media with four other members of your family.

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Just like what Dropbox offers, by subscribing to a pCloud account, you get a kind of online hard drive: pCloud Drive. The only difference is that you only pay once to enjoy your secure space for life, accessible and functional on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, or even from your web browser.

If 2 TB will be allocated to you for all the siblings, you can also recover a file put in the trash by mistake for a period of 30 days. You will have various sharing options to make files available to loved ones, with collaborative functions and shared folders.

You can store all your files, photos and videos there, especially since an audio and video player is pre-integrated to be able to watch it all on the TV at home, for example. All without any upload, download or file size limitations when syncing.

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pCloud emphasizes security so that you don’t lose any data and it remains confidential and accessible only by you and your siblings. The service offers TLS/SSL protected communication channels, data encrypted in 256-bit AES and distributed over several servers, as well as the choice of storing your data either in the United States or in Luxembourg and therefore in Europe.

pCloud Family is 350 €!

If you are looking for a generous cloud offer, for life, and you want to trust a service with infallible security, this is the unmissable offer of the moment. Offered at 350 euros for a few days, pCloud Family is a single payment subscription.

For comparison, the 2 TB Dropbox family package is 203.88 euros per year, except that you will have to continue paying every year… So don’t hesitate any longer: go for it!

👉 pCloud Family, with 2TB and up to 5 users, is €350!

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