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PenPot, an alternative to a Figma soon at Adobe


The acquisition of Figma by Adobe for the tidy sum of 20 billion dollars has raised the eyes of many before this amount. And then there are the users of Figma – a vector tool on the web, drawing and design of interfaces, popular with independents as well as large publishers – who fear this new concentration of tools in the hands of Adobe.

It turns out that there is at least one other service in the style of Figma, ie capable of operating online, without being slaved to a platform, and equipped with collaboration functions. As noted by readers in the comments to the Adobe/Figma article, PenPot can be tested.

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Open source and free, it is designed by a Spanish team that specializes in the creation of open source tools. You can also host your own server for PenPot by following these instructions. As for the operation of this application, this has been the subject of several tutorials on YouTube.

We are starting to come across some comments in the PenPot forums from Figma users who are worried about seeing Adobe become even more hegemonic and who are looking for a fallback solution.

PenPot is free, supported and developed by the Spanish Kaleidos, with contributions from volunteers. In the long term, it is not excluded that solutions to finance this development will be put in place, without going back on the principle of open source for its code. However, nothing in this direction is planned before 2023.

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