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Playstation: Internet users downgrade Sony’s State of Play (20 tweets)


In the course of a communication bordering on discretion, Sony announced a few days ago that a new State of Play was going to take place on March 9, 2022. An announcement that did not fail to provoke a resurgence among players. interest around Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy (since the trailer released in September 2021), the long-awaited God of War: Ragnarok or the great return of Sly Cooper.

However, nothing will happen. In 20 minutes, Sony will have communicated around Forspoken, Ghostwire Tokyoand rolled out the red carpet for Returnal and its update”Ascent“.

A big disappointment among Sony gamers. On the menu of complaints: bland communication, a State of Play too oriented for the Japanese public, or the graphic weakness of the titles offered, compared to Nintendo Switch games from third-party publishers. It is the Japanese manufacturer based in Kyoto which is rubbing its hands.


“Konami at the State of Play”, “Sony would have bought a Konami license which is very popular with players”

Konami: pic.twitter.com/nqN6KNljtH

March 10, 2022


Person :

We in front of the state of play:

Sony: https://t.co/ANwiFV8k5G pic.twitter.com/2b1kKOew7L

March 9, 2022


thank you sony it was really bad as state of play

March 9, 2022


We’ll have to talk about Sony’s disastrous comm, why not integrate these games into their upcoming showcase rather than being destroyed with these tasteless State of Play?

March 9, 2022


But it’s good. Sony and its State of Play that make you want to play the Switch.

You can’t say that they don’t help the Japanese market!

March 10, 2022


It was very bad this state of play, we are still waiting for the gameplay of hogwarts legacy to be said “planned for this month”

March 9, 2022


That apart from Showcase and State of Play dedicated to a single game, the rest of Sony’s communication is disastrous.

March 9, 2022


That it’s not tomorrow that I’m going to have fun on PS? Really disappointed with the lack of #HogwartsLegacy (it has been forgotten!) But the positive point is that I discovered you ud83dudc4d

March 9, 2022


not much.. it was a State of Play for the Japan target basically.. the Capcom wtf game, the Gundam game, the kaiju game.. it was cool to see more gameplay on Forspoken and finally see what Valkyrie Elysium looks like (not phew for a new gen game)

March 9, 2022


Not bad these PS2 games of 2002… throwback 20 years back

March 9, 2022



March 9, 2022



March 9, 2022

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Sony: We’re going to do a State Of Play with a focus on JAPANESE publishers 🙂

March 8, 2022


After watching the Sony Playstation State of Play…I had to make this. #StateOfPlay pic.twitter.com/RUE55xUBNA

March 9, 2022

After watching Sony’s State of Play… I had to do this.


Hogwarts Legacy not being shown on the Sony State of play. 568 days since the first trailer for the game. Kids are crying pic.twitter.com/QViOKrCk6b

March 9, 2022

Hogwarts Legacy was not shown during the State of play. 568 days since the game’s first trailer. The kids are crying


Nintendo after the Sony State of Play ud83eudd23ud83eudd23 pic.twitter.com/7rCUSV18V9

March 10, 2022

Nintendo after Sony’s State of Play


sony employees making that state of play pic.twitter.com/1wSmuPbr3n

March 9, 2022

Sony employees making the State of Play


Square Enix monopolizing the State of Play to tell us indirectly that FFXVI will be for 2023 pic.twitter.com/IbttsrsFWe

March 9, 2022


beautiful state of play pic.twitter.com/nLIVspTu5Y

March 9, 2022

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A magnificent State of Play


Me walking into todays #StateOfPlay thinking we would get something worthwhile to talk about.

Sony during the state of play:

March 9, 2022

Me in front of the #StateOfPlay today thinking we’d have something worth saying.

Sony during State of Play:

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