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PlayStation Plus: barely launched, Sony’s new service is already controversial


Announced last April, Sony’s new PlayStation Plus has just launched in parts of the world, including Asia. Except that hardly offered, many players have to face many problems. Among them, a bad surprise on pricing. In effect, it seems that upgrading to a PS Plus Extra or Premium subscription is extremely expensive !

Many critics just the new service launched

As a reminder, Sony is proposing to gradually deploy its new PlayStation Plus formula throughout the world. For this, players will have the choice among three formulas, Essential, Extra and Premium, with offers ranging from 8.99 to 13.99 euros per month. Each offer gives access to a larger catalog of games as well as a certain number of advantages depending on the subscription you take out.

The firm had announced that during the launch of this new PS Plus, subscribers will have the choice of terminate their subscription, switch to the Essential offer at no additional cost or migrate to the Extra or Premium offers by paying the difference each month. Except that a problem arises for people who have a current subscription: they are forced to pay to upgrade to the Extra or Premium subscription.

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A very expensive update

And this is not the only problem encountered! Indeed, those who have taken out a subscription while benefiting from a reduction at the time must pay the difference to get the upgrade without considering discounts. Thus, the promotion obtained is canceled during the upgrade.

Moreover, it is not not possible to update for a month or a year. The players must must upgrade for the duration of their current membership. It is not uncommon for some to commit to several years of subscription having jumped at the chance of a nice discount at the time. They therefore find themselves having to pay a high price for their subscription over the duration of their commitment.

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For the time being, we do not yet know if this is a bug or if Sony is indeed ready to force its customers to put their hands in their pockets. The company still hasn’t commented on these numerous reviews that are making a lot of noise at the moment. The firm will deploy its new service in Japan on June 1 and then in America on June 13. In our regions, we will still have to wait until June 22.

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