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PlayStation Plus: one of the free games of August 2022 would have leaked, the evidence is clear


Regularly, the monthly free games of the PlayStation Plus leak. The month of June was no exception to the rule, with three games, including one of the best games on the PlayStation 4. Rebelotte for next August with a possible leak.

a leak for this month of August 2022?

In this month of June 2022, Sony will present the new version of its PlayStation Plus. The old PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now merge to create a formula with three offers: Essential, Extra and Premium. Players should not be disoriented by the initial formula, which retains the current advantages of PlayStation Plus. The other two offers are more extensive, and therefore more expensive, with different bonuses.

However, all can benefit from the free games offered each month by Sony. Gifts that aim to retain players, with more or less popular titles. And while the July games are not yet known, except for one, stray, now one of the games of the month of August would have been found. Indeed, by venturing on the PlayStation Store, a redditor by the name of AngieK22 thinks he has found one of the free games for next August.

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By lingering on the homepage of a certain rollerdromehe unearthed a skate and shoot game from the creators of OlliOlliWorld whose first trailer was unveiled during the last State of Play. A game signed Roll7 which should be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on August 16th. But this release date is not insignificant. And for good reason, it agrees with that of stray, the free game of the month for July. Scheduled for July 19, stray will be available to Extra and Premium PlayStation Plus members.

This hypothesis is based on the similarities between straywhich will therefore be one of the free games of July, and rollerdrome. Both games launch on the 3rd Tuesday of their respective month, both titles are not available for pre-order and while most games show a midnight release time for the US West Coast (release times displayed on US PlayStation Store pages), stray and rollerdrome have similar release times.

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Similarities that suggest that rollerdrome would be part of next August’s free games list. However, we will have to be patient to get to the bottom of it. And for good reason, Sony must already lift the veil on the free PlayStation Plus games for the month of July, in the event that the games do not leak before. And given the history of leaks, the scales do not tip in favor of a classic reveal by Sony.

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