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Pokémon Purple / Scarlet: the mega-evolution could return in this new form


The next game Pokemon will present the ninth generation of creatures in his works Purple and Scarlet. The game should be released by the end November 2022 and currently we have very little information about him. Lots of theories floating aroundincluding an adaptation of a much-loved mechanic that could make a comeback in a new form: the mega-evolution

Pokemon Purple/Scarlet : what will be the new mechanics?

nintendo and Game Freak currently haven’t given us much information regarding the upcoming game Pokemon: Purple / Scarlet. These are limited to a few Pokémon featured, including the starters, two professors, edition legendaries, and the geographical location of the region, although we still don’t know its name. This will draw heavily on the Iberian Peninsula and probably South America, with many references to the conflicts between the two. Many clues also show that the games will focus on the duality between the past and the future. This is visible both on the clothes of the two professors as well as on the legendaries. Koraidon is a dragon resembling a dinosaur of an Amerindian mythology and thus represents the past alongside the professor Olim, whose “primitive” clothes under his blouse can be reminiscent of those of cavemen. On the other side we have Miraidona dragon resembling a jet fighter with jet engines, linked to the professor turum to the stylized jumpsuit. They will represent the future.

Each of the new generations has introduced new ways of understanding the world of Pokemon, its lore and new mechanics. For example, in 7th generation, for Sun Moon, the game -and its legendaries- are based on the day/night cycle. In the game, this one was reversed depending on which version you choose. The mechanics introduced in each of the generations are independently related to the way the game is designed. Thereby, the main plot of Galar in 8G is based on the Dynamax / Gigamax. At this point, one wonders what the new game mechanics will be. Pokemon Purple/Scarlet and what will be its interest in the narration of the games.

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Pokemon : the return of the mega-evolution?

The games new mechanics have yet to be revealed, and fans are very numerous to present multiple theories concerning this one. Game-wise, none of the new mechanics have rivaled the mega-evolution in terms of fan love. Z Crystals took up an item slot to be used only once, and Dynamax was so powerful that it was banned from Smogon tournaments (the unofficial organization dealing with Pokémon competition) in 1v1 battle with 6 Pokémon. Game Freak could therefore take inspiration from the mega-evolution for the new mechanics of the set, being the only one that really pleased fans. Indeed, one of the ideas that comes up the most would be that the games offer to visit the region both in the past and in the future. Even if this theory seems absurd and impossible, it leaves room for a design never seen before in Pokemon : the possibility of switching from an “old” version to a “modern” version of the same Pokémon.

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For example, in Pokemon Legends: Arceuswe had the right to alternate versions of certain Pokémon which are technically versions of the past. Hisui’s Typhlosion became the Typhlosion we know today. The new mechanic, such as Mega Evolution, could come to “awaken” the past of many Pokémon to activate their old form in battle. Transforming your Typhlosion into Hisui’s Typhlosion. This is all the more consistent when we know that some leaks specify that starters and legendaries will be entitled to several forms. The starters of each of the games have always taken advantage of new mechanics with unique designs. By following this example, the final evolutions may be different depending on the temporality in which you are. Thereby, Chochodile could evolve into a prehistoric crocodile (fire/rock for example) in the “Past” version and into a robotic crocodile (fire/steel) in the “future” version with different stats, then switch from one to the other thanks to the bracelet visible in the trailers. This would be an original and interesting way to include the theme of the 9th generation in the gameplay of the games. Pokemonand that would be the closest thing to Mega Evolutionand thus satisfy the fans.

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