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Pokémon Purple / Scarlet: this teaser of Poussacha’s evolution that no one has seen


Last February, Game Freak and Nintendo lifted the veil on the versions Purple and Scarlet of Pokemon, namely the next two installments in the saga, scheduled for the end of 2022 on Switch. Games that should revolutionize the franchise, to the delight of players who enjoyed Pokemon Legends: Arceus. And while only the starting Pokémon are known, the evolution of Poussacha, the Plant starter, could have been teased.

game freak and teasing

Fans of the saga know it, Game Freak takes pleasure in teasing its next productions in its various titles. Thus, three years before the release of Pokémon Sword and Shielda Gigamax version of Salarsen was visible in the versions Sun and Moonand therefore Ultra-Sun and Ultra Moonreleased in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

On this same series of posters, some Internet users see the endemic form in Galar of Galopa, at the bottom left, with a pink and bluish poster.

A teasing which is not obvious and which sometimes remains enigmatic. Very often, these finds are made after the release of the teased games. And for good reason, now the most curious know what to look for. As reported earlier in the year by the Centro Pokémon Twitter account, which relays a wealth of information about the famous franchise, the presence of oranges and grapes in Pokémon Sword and Shield could also be considered as a teaser for the next region of the game, where these fruits can be found.

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Todo este tiempo hubo una track of the novena generation in Espada y Escudo. pic.twitter.com/HaD7ZnNUkA

February 28, 2022

All the while, there was a ninth generation lead in Sword and Shield.

a teaser from ultra-moon and ultra-sun?

And with Game Freak, one should carefully study the clothing of the characters in its games. For Ultra-Sun and Ultra Moonthe two protagonists are none other than Elio and Selene. Relatively evocative names that have a direct relationship with their versions, but whose clothes could well tease the Ecartalate and Violet versions.

And for good reason, as you can see with the image above, good old Elio’s shoes look like orange fangs, the tip of which is reminiscent of a crocodile’s muzzle. Black nostrils on a white background, a design that no doubt echoes that of Chochodile, the Fire starter of the next versions of Pokémon.

Starting from this principle, it is therefore appropriate to turn to Selene, the other protagonist of the Ultra-Moon and Ultra-Sun versions. At first glance, his shoes do not contain any apparent detail that could suggest a peculiarity of one of the three starters, except the green which obviously recalls Poussacha’s Plant type. Nevertheless, when one focuses on the upper part of the character, one distinguishes a flower, and more particularly a hibiscus. A flower that particularly appreciates warm regions, such as Alola, the region of Sun and Moon (and Ultra-Sun and Ultra Moon), inspired by the island of Oahu, in the Hawaiian archipelago, but also in Spain since the 12th century. And that’s good, according to the first images of this new region, the Iberian Peninsula should have inspired these versions.

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If we refer to the character of Selene, one of Poussacha’s evolutions could therefore have a flower, hibiscus or not, in her coat. Especially since some fans felt that the design and name of the Pokémon could be appropriate for a Plant/Fairy type Pokémon. A pink flower would then fit perfectly into this idea. But to get to the bottom of it, you will still have to be patient, the versions Scarlet and Purple only being planned for the end of the year. Yet another teaser from Game Freak in front of which it is largely possible to miss as the clues are thin.

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