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Pokémon: the franchise will soon celebrate one of its saddest birthdays


In 2021, Pokémon blew out its 25 candles. Two decades of existence for a saga that has become legendary, as well as the most lucrative franchise in the world. And as players welcomed earlier in the year Pokemon Legends: Arceusthe latest from Game Freak, Pokémon will soon celebrate one of its saddest birthdays.

an unhappy birthday

With Pokemon Legends: Arceus, released on January 28, the Game Freak saga was finally able to take a real turn. And for good reason, since its debut in 1996, the games of the saga have changed little. Although, technically, Pokémon was able to benefit from the transition to color and then to 3D, the gameplay is stagnating. The core gameplay remained the same, although Pokemon Legends: Arceus finally kicked the anthill. An imperfect game that has the merit of innovating, a possible and welcome turning point in the saga.

First canon game that evolved the franchise, Pokemon Legends: Arceus must now come and implement all these changes once and for all. Although the latest leaks suggest the arrival of a ninth generation of Pokémon. It remains to be seen if these rumors are true, answer in the coming months. A new generation of Pokémon that could see the birth of a ninth evolution for Eevee, the Evolutionary Pokémon of the first generation. After Aquali, Voltali and Pyroli in the first generation, Mentali and Noctali in the second, Phyllali and Givrali in the fourth and Nymphali in the sixth generation, Evoli struggles to offer new developments.

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The saga seemed to have adopted an evolutionary presentation rhythm for Eevee, one of the franchise’s mascot Pokémon. The Normal Pokémon can even boast of being the headliner of Pokemon : Let’s Go, Eeveethe first opus of the Nintendo Switch released in 2018 which is presented as a remake of the version Yellow. However, since 2013 and the sixth generation, namely that of the X and Y versions, Eevee has not been able to take advantage of any new developments. While many players have been waiting to lay their eyes on an evolution for each type, Game Freak seems to have decided to slow down the pace of release, or even stop it altogether.

Since Nymphali’s announcement in the March edition of the Japanese monthly CoroCoro Comics and on the Pokémon site officiating on February 14, 2013, Eevee was not entitled to a new evolution. The undisputed Pokémon fans have been waiting for the sequel for more than nine years now. What next? Game Freak might continue to present new evolutions based on the same pattern, namely one evolution per type. But the Japanese studio could also take advantage of this long break to break the codes, as it was able to do with Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Rather than opting for a standard evolution, Game Freak could create a regionally shaped Eevee with new evolutions on the menu. Eevee would thus see its number of evolutions increase from simple to double.

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With the democratization of regional forms since Sun and Moon, Game Freak could choose this new format that is relatively popular with gamers. Of course, we will have to wait until the studio’s next speeches to discover its future plans. 2022 could well see the arrival of the ninth generation of Pokémon, and possibly that of a new evolution for Eevee. For your part, would you like Eevee to benefit from an eighth evolution? A regional form? A Baby Pokémon sub-evolution? Do not hesitate to answer us via the survey below and the comment section.

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