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Preview Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: a promising expansion that presents itself as a must-have


In March 2021 came out monster hunter rise on Nintendo Switch. An expected opus, the first real iteration of the hybrid console. And like the versions Ultimate portable consoles, rise will welcome his well-deserved master rank with Sunbreakan extension expected for June 30. We had the opportunity to test this extension before the hour and to face two of its new creatures, the time for us to share our verdict with you.

an extension that is worth the detour

With SunbreakCapcom will introduce “new combat mechanics for even more dynamic gameplay, all-new monsters and hunting grounds, and a new level of difficulty in the form of Master Rank quests“. An extension accessible from the end of the story of riseeither after the defeat of the fusion of the Ibushi of the wind and the Narwa of the thunder, or the Narwa the mother of all. A new region is opening up to hunters, namely the distant lands of Elgado. An outpost threatened by a new ancient dragon: the Malzeno.

During this preview, we had access to two quests: one allowing us to face the Seregios, a flying wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimatethe second a Lunagaron, one of the pillars of this expansion. Direction the Sand Plains to find a monster particularly appreciated by the players. Equipped with a full set of master rank Rathalos armor and a Cannonlance, we discover several new elements when we enter the zone. To start, wildlife has been increased. New Spectroiseaus have appeared and will make your hunt even easier.

Other creatures, which look like large beetles, this time present in the walls, can be provoked by propelling a monster over them. Additional damage is then inflicted. On the environment side, the game remains the same, with environmental effects that seem to have been added. What about the Seregios in this story? True to form, the Seregios arrives in rise with a rich pattern. New attacks that should surprise you. A pleasant fight which obviously recalls one of the best opuses of the saga.

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Second confrontation against the Lunagaron this time, one of the pillars of Elgado. A Paragon quest alongside Master Arlow, one of the new characters introduced in Sunbreak. As a reminder, Paragon quests are “single-player quests that will take you hunting with different characters appearing throughout the story“. A duo quest that adds a breath of fresh air to Rise for fans of solo quests. The impact of the ally is well felt, especially since the latter presents itself as a real support on which you can count thanks to its consumables.

Going back to the Lunagaron, the fanged wyvern looks like Zynogre. Noticeably similar patterns and timing, with heavy attacks that deal good damage. Concerning the zone, that of the castle in which the emblematic creatures of the extension will be found, the novelties are numerous and above all, gathered. Thus, a new Spectroiseau will be found right next to the large beetles anchored in the wall. As for the difficulty, the monsters present themselves as a pleasant challenge that should suit fans of the master ranks of previous games. Increased damage, improved and more complete patterns, without the damage being indecent FromSoftware style.

Nevertheless, it is still too early to judge the difficulty of this extension as a whole with only two monsters. Especially since one of the major points of Sunbreak, it is the arrival of the transfer of substitute talents. Now it is possible to assign 5 skills, active or passive, and change between two sets of skills. A transfer that can be made at any time. For this preview, only the Gunlance was used. And in the case of this heavy weapon, the transfer appeared more like an unhelpful bonus than a revolution. A first feeling that could evolve as the quests and its use.

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As for the new silk bond techniques, their results are promising. Although consuming two filoptera for its use, the bullet barrage is a good compromise to wyvern fire. Decent damage for a skill that instantly reloads your magazine. Under the right conditions, its use can be optimal, especially if the target is far away. In addition, with the transfer, the excellent split-the-ground can be accessed again a few seconds later. Regarding Springing Cannon, the other new skill, the latter risks presenting itself as an essential because of its usefulness: that of increasing the melee damage inflicted by the weapon.


After two quests and a short exploration phase, Sunbreak presents itself as a must-have extension for players who have enjoyed monster hunter rise. NOTnew monsters, new or not, the introduction of Paragon quests and the transfer of substitution talents, master rank quests and therefore the weapons and armor that result from them, this extension will allow Rise to reach its full potential. Although the novelties should not revolutionize the game or the saga, they are presented as appreciable additions in the vein of the opuses of the franchise. Nevertheless, we will have to ask about the full version to know how important the added content is. Answer in a few weeks.

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