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Promo: internal or external, 1 TB SSDs for less than €100


For a new Mac, for an old Mac, for a backup or for its console, we always end up needing a new SSD. If it’s to increase the storage capacity of an old computer and to speed it up at the same time, the Crucial MX500 1TB internal SSD is currently sold for € 76.99 on Amazon, its best price.

Crucial MX500

This SSD is in 2.5″ format and uses the SATA interface. It tops out at 560 MB/s in sequential reading and 510 MB/s in writing, far behind the performance of the NVMe SSDs of recent Macs, but replacing a hard drive, it already makes a crucial difference. 2.5″ SSDs are suitable for mid-2012 and earlier MacBook Pros, as well as many generations of iMacs. You’ll find replacement tutorials in our columns, on iFixit, and elsewhere.

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Crucial X8

If it’s an external SSD you need, the 1TB Crucial X8 comes in at just under $100. It is sold for €99.99 on Amazon, again its best price. Equipped with a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 port and an NVMe interface, it reaches 1 GB / s, which other models with a USB-C port struggle to glimpse. Our tests have shown that speeds remain between 400 and 500 MB/s when transfers drag on, which is satisfactory for a small external SSD of this type.

If you are looking for an external SSD with very specific characteristics, our comparison on I want the.top is there for that!

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